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    Dice Slayers - Characters

    Real name: Jormund Kint Birthplace: Hrumart Age: 23 Combat style: Centered in melee, both with hatchet and greatsword. (With potion usage, mainly tank-oriented). Ethnicity: Hrumaart Height: 1.7m/ Weight: 73 kg/ Hobbies: Drinking and gambling. Frequently at the same time. Likes: The smell of...
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    Call of Ctulhu: Bloodlines

    I originally planned it to be set in present day. Nonetheless, were you all to find it more enjoyable, it could easily be changed to the normal time stamp, it would only take some changes.
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    Call of Ctulhu: Bloodlines

    'The past is never where you think you left it' Katherine Anne Porter Five people. Unknown to one another. At first glance, there is no link whatsoever between them. And yet, sometimes there is more to it than what meets the eye. All of you have come together to celebrate the birthday of a...
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    Naruto: 100 years later

    Once there was a hero. A young orphan, a loser despised by all, who against all odds, grew up to become the greatest shinobi of his time. A man who led the ninja world in war against the greatest threat in its history, and after emerging victorious, ushered in an era of peace. His name was...
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    Hunger Games: Blood in the ice

    We like to think that in this life, we are in control of our destiny. That it is our actions that shape our future. The sad truth, however, is that sometimes a stroke of bad luck is enough to ruin all our plans. And you just had one. Maybe your name was drawn. Perhaps you volunteered, out of a...
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    An RP of Ice and Fire

    Worst case scenario, the two of us plus OP should be enough, at least in my experience. If OP does not come back, I probably will open another thread.
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    Dice Slayers - OOC

    Neither can live while the other survives. (?
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    Dice Slayers - Characters

    I got some doubts, Master: 1) Does the cost in Recipes level for Alchemists stacks up? Lets say, to get it to lvl 2, should I invest 9 XP, or just 6? In the same vein, are there specific costs for Rings and Rune levels, or does the general ones applies? 2) Once I have my sheet, should I pm it to...
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    An RP of Ice and Fire

    Dare I ask, are you still considering to going ahead with this one? Cause if that were the case, I would like to get a seat. Edit: I have no problem acting as DM if needed. Although most of my experience as such has been on face to face games.
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello. Im either new, or amnesic. English ain´t my first language, so forgive me if I kinda butcher it. On that note, if it seems that I have insulted your entire lineage or challenged you to a duel to death with spoons, please entertain the possibility of it being merely a misunderstanding...
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    Slayers - Dark Age

    Hello! I assume you haven't started yet? If so, I would like to reserve a seat. I'm still reading the setting. but I would probably go for the Alchemist.