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    Fandom CONVERGENCE 3.0 - RP/MAIN

    Link narrowed his soft blue eyes at Trish, tightening his grip on his bow, but still hesitated. Upon Trish willingly showing herself, he loosened his grip on the bow, though not putting it away. He wasn’t going to point a weapon at someone if they weren’t trying to hurt them, it wasn’t right and...
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    Fandom CONVERGENCE 3.0 - RP/MAIN

    Link pursed his lips, watching everyone over quietly. He knew what genuine smiles looked like, he also knew what fake smiles looked like. He hated that the knew that second part so well and that he could see it so clear in all the faces here. Link sighed in resignation, he wished there was more...
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    Fandom CONVERGENCE 3.0 - RP/MAIN

    To feel cold still felt wrong. The marine was far too used to rivers of blood, seas of lava and valleys of fire. The sights of Hell that were seared into his mind and never left. No matter how much he had finally washed his clothes, cleaned his armor when they had reached Crystal City, they...
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    Help How do I get boxes in boxes center!?

    Oh wow thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted!
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    Help  How do I get boxes in boxes center!?

    I’m trying to have a background box for my main text body be inside of a larger background box for my code which even I can manage with my super limited coding skills. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to get it so that they all don’t end up sticking to the left side of the box, it...
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    Fandom CONVERGENCE 3.0 - Characters

    Gonna give this a follow, hold Young Link for me bb~
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    Fandom Another earth multifandom rp: RE (open)

    I was invited to join by Dovah so I just made an account, gonna follow for now until I learn how this site works X~X
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi I'm Jelly, I've been rping for probably 10 years and finally got around to joining this site after FF kicked the bucket a while back. I'm a college student in an intense major (biochemistry) but I'm still looking for some rps to play around with to relax!