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    Fandom The Outsiders 1x1 Roleplay

    Is this still open?
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    Futuristic Dread: Beneath A Metal Sky | CS

    Ryker “Allen” Alençon Basics Name: Ryker Alençon Nickname(s): Allen Age: 23 Gender: male Sexuality: straight Position: navigator Appearance Height: 5’11” Weight: 140 Eyes: brown Hair: brown Scars/Tattoos/Etc: scar spanning his entire left calf and thigh Personality Likes: movies, maps, and...
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    Futuristic Dread: Beneath A Metal Sky

    Interested, very.
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a fellow RPer.

    Bump for Corona Virus blues.
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    Yea, and this is going to make me look like a real poser, but I don't even watch the show. This...

    Yea, and this is going to make me look like a real poser, but I don't even watch the show. This pic is just hilarious to me.
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    Other Do you get anxious when people look over your shoulder?

    I'm already a pretty paranoid person, so it bothers me to no end.
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    Tech How much time do you guys spend online on Average?

    It depends, since I don't watch much TV and don't play many video games, online is really one of my few pieces of entertainment. So, I would put it at five hours or so a day, longer on holidays, where I don't have to do much. This is just speaking of entertainment, when I worked at my old job, I...
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    Multiple Settings 2194 Cyberpunk Fantasy Planning

    I'd be interested in helping you guys out.
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    Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^

    It was ether Naruto or inuyasha, but more likley than not, it was probably Naruto. As, Naruto came firs tin the lineup on Toonami.
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    Other Worst candy?

    Whoppers, easily. (Though, I've been criticized for having a bland taste, as I Dots are my favorite.)
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    Multiple Settings All types of RP welcome

    I like your idea for a Star Wars Rp.
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    Other Your guilty pleasure series?

    Law and Order, I fully understand that it's just pro-police propaganda, but it's something I cannot get enough of.