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  • Classmate: *hides in box* Clap when the teacher walks by me. That's the signal.

    Me: K.

    Teacher:*walks by box*

    Class: *claps*

    Classmate: *waits five years before popping out* Rawr.

    Teacher: *looks bored*

    Class: *laughs even though Tatum sucks and she was late to jump out and nothing happened*

    Me: :/
    Wait, wait, what is this geometry you speak of? I'm actually supposed to do this? Whoops.
    Okay, so I have this cool leather bound journal cause I'm obsessed with journals. I have a problem though, I have no idea what to use it for. Anyone got any ideas I could use to get creativity flowing in the thing?
    Lyrics? Poems? Drawings? RP/story ideas? (I'm also obsessed with journals!)
    When your partner won't text you back with the password to her account so you can work on your presentation that's due tomorrow. :/
    He looked at her like she was the sun, in that he never looked at her except in frustration. He basked in her warmth, he complained when she was gone, but he never looked. On days she was muted, he complained. On days she was stronger, he hid from her. He never looked at her until she was leaving, and in the beauty of the sunset he wondered how he'd never seen her before.
    *reappears* Damn, been a while. Sorry to anyone I may have disappeared on. Hit a rough patch and had to put away the internet for a bit. Anywho, ready to start slowly coming back. Sorry again to anyone I poofed on.
    My whole camera roll is legit all faceclaims. Half of it is Emma Watson. Whoops.
    I hope Emma Watson sees this sometime.
    YOU GUYS, it's snowing and the roads are bad and I have to go to basketball practice. Ughhhh
    I finally come out of my room and my family tells me to leave cause their watching an R rated movie. Wow.
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