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    Fantasy 1x1 Star Trek Romance M/F

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    Fantasy 1x1 Star Trek Romance M/F

    [bump] OC Full Name and or Title: First Officer Maven (or ‘M’ for short) Species: Silhouetta Age: 25 Sex: Male Personality: M is a bit of an enigma, keeping mostly to himself but enjoying time spent with others. His favorite places are the holodeck and cafeteria. He loves to listen to...
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    Fantasy  1x1 Star Trek Romance M/F

    Greetings! I’m looking for someone 18+ (never can be to careful nowadays) and female please! Must be okay playing a Starship Captain who falls in love with an alien who becomes the First Officer. Please leave character sheet below, or PM me. Thanks for looking!
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    Fandom Star Trek: Integrity

    *Maven* -art by me-
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    Fandom Star Trek: Integrity

    “Do it.” the captain responded not at all ignorant of Rhodes’ notion, “While you’re in charge-have the transporter room beam them across safely.” Veers steered toward the elevator, stopped and continued “And when you’re finished, meet me down there.” “You have the bridge Mr. Boone.” The first...
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    Fandom Star Trek: Integrity

    “Possibly...” he replied, “steer clear of the substance until it can be identified.” Upon closer examination it was clear now to all on the bridge whoever was inside had been ejected along with it’s contents. “Unsure Dr. at this time. There’s no visual signs of life yet. Break. Helmsman are...
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    Fandom Star Trek: Integrity

    “Have a team ready at the transporter room.” While it did not matter to Veers whether Dr. Talira was there or not, he was unsure how many were aboard the ship. And as they came closer the interstellar class vehicle it was smaller than they thought. “Lt. Rhodes. What is that vapor in, and...
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    Fandom  Star Trek: Integrity

    Integrity Star date: 2372 While inspecting the perimeter of the gamma sector The Integrity encounters a distress signal several light years beyond the boarder. Risking war with the Dominion, Veteran Captain Veers attempts his last rescue mission. With the closest Federation Ship 76 hours...
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    Futuristic Star Trek: USS Integrity

    [bump] (We’re in need of a good captain.)
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    Futuristic Star Trek: USS Integrity

    Beautiful can you please post your character sheet below? I would appreciate it (:
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    Futuristic Star Trek: USS Integrity

    I am! Would you like to be the captain or doctor?
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    Multiple Settings Boring and long nights, Roleplay Buddy Needed

    I would be interested! ^^
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    Fantasy Elysium Premise/Recruitment

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    Futuristic  Star Trek: USS Integrity

    First Operation: The USS Integrity investigates a mysterious Distress Signal. But not everything is as it seems... Looking for two RPers, details are as follows: Captain Role 1: As Captain of The USS Integrity it’s your job to stay true to your morals and obligations. Sometimes that means...
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    RpNation - Member Pictures - Put a Face to the Name

    I’m nervous but ok :$