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  • Reminder, the 27th of this month I start my internship.

    Replies to messages will be delayed.
    Sorry guys, I had a wee bit to drink last night and I'm planning on taking it easy today.
    Most likely no replies to messages until tomorrow. <3
    Okay, but if someone can't even wait 2 days for a reply and gives me an attitude when I call them out on being impatient then I'm just not going to bother dealing with them much further.
    A heads up: I will be starting my internship on the 27th this month. Replied to threads may slow down or get shorter.
    Idk, I can't enjoy a rp where a person puts in half the effort in their posts. I know it's hard to be creative at times, but let me know??? Maybe we can figure stuff out? Don't be lazy.
    Sometimes I have to read my own posts a hundred times over to make sure it's decent, but I end up hating it.
    Small hiatus notice.

    I'll be off to Berlin for four days, so no replies until after that.
    I don't reply to comments to my forum posts. You've got to PM me first (so I know that they've read the rules)

    And while people still respond to my thread, it actually shows that they don't read much of what I've written down at all, which is already a huge turn-off.
    With an exception of those who aren't able to send PMs yet though.
    Some people are what we Dutchies call: "een droogkloot".

    Or in other words, they're just really boring to talk to.
    Sorry guys, I am extremely tired and won't be responding to messages today.
    I'll try to respond to stuff tomorrow!
    Hello iMiinSeo!
    I won't bother you with PMs. Just saw your thread and thought a Medieval/Fantasy/Middle Earth RP would be fun.
    Hoping you have fun and get into some good RP writing!
    Ok, but really, people need to be more patient when it comes to responding to messages.
    I'm not always in the mood to respond, or I just can't. Just chill, I'll get to you soon. xD
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