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    Lúcio? Reaper? I say, sign me up!

    Lúcio Correia dos Santos, one character that deserves the whole damn world, yet still doesn't seem to have as much variance in those that he's often shipped up with. Which has always confused me, given the fandom's interests. One popular dynamic that is often played up is the edgy, dead baddie...
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    One x One  Lúcio? Reaper? I say, sign me up!

    @holyhecko, please edit this post to include the character/sign-up information.
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    One x One  Lúcio? Reaper? I say, sign me up!

    Hey! Welcome to the OOC! Content of a salacious nature are totally chill by me, given that my partner is of age. Once we seem to have an idea or bite, we can totally start sharing info as to how to contact each other outside of RPNation!
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    Looking for Overwatch x)

    Oh, man, your little snippet really does seem impressive! If you'd like, I could certainly provide examples of my penmanship, in return. Y'know, check and see if you and I are compatible. While I, tragically, don't play our lovely Boy Scout, Soldier-76, you mentioned being open to other ships...
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    How to Create a Roleplay

    I still have to figure out how exactly to make a proper post on here, so these tutorials will help a ton. Thanks!