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    Currently pretty busy with moving and stuff. RP should resume by the end of the week

    Currently pretty busy with moving and stuff. RP should resume by the end of the week
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    2 truths 1 lie

    @tigbittygoth Yup! I have many talents, drawing is not one of them unfortunately.
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    Experiences Being in small fandoms sucks

    Well....As a big fandom 1x1 roleplayer, I've learned to be patient. I try to always keep a spot open, JUST in case I stumble on someone wanting to roleplay my specific semi-unknown craving. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Of all my current partners, it's always been me that made the...
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    2 truths 1 lie

    I'll try my hand at this ^^ 1- One of my dreams is to pet a penguin 2- My SO once managed to start a fire on the kitchen counter 3- One of my favorite course in high school was art class
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    Other Do you get anxious when people look over your shoulder?

    I am on the opposite end of a lot of you guys... x) Unless I am REALLY focused on a hard problem, I don't really mind/even enjoy to an extent. IRL I really don't mind PDA from friends, family, or my SO, and when people do that it's usually to ask me about my code, or because they are bored and...
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    Fandom The Professors of Hogwarts [OOC]

    For the Potion teacher, I'm kinda at a crossroad between playing an ex Hufflepuff Granny that is way too sweet for her own good or an ex Healer of St Mungo that took the position to "relax" (except it's not relaxing at all. Someone please give back all the moody patients she had to deal with...
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    Fantasy Noah's Ark | IC [CLOSED]

    Annnnd...thank you very much Ms.Buzzkill. This case was doing so well too...the raccoon episode managing to steer the little group away from the usual angsty mood, Thea and Enoch were adorable cooperating together and the picture Evee took was for sure going in the yearly photo albums she liked...
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    Fandom The Professors Of Hogwarts [ Open/Accepting ]

    I'll take potions if it's ok! It's canon that Slughorn retired around 2016 so I'll play his successor ^^
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    Fandom The Professors of Hogwarts [Open/Accepting]]

    I'm usually more of a 1x1 type of gal, but this is right up my alley! Only thing I'm unsure of is being able to post once a day if it is expected I write 300 words + Is it a strict requirement ?
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    Journal Hella and Game Dev

    Starting from today, I will address the subject by the sprint number instead of the week number. Easier for me to keep track off, and for my usual readers, just multiply by 2 to have the number of week worked. I have my usual team meeting tonight, BUT I got like...2 others this week-end so...
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    Fantasy Noah's Ark | IC [CLOSED]

    Maybe blowing her pay in buying new and cool gadgets wasn’t the best idea ever. But hey, it was kinda her life on the line. Plus they were cool to mess around with...and if they broke because of their mission...Well, she could always try and negotiate with Babel right? At the very least she took...
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    Experiences What are some strange things you've researched for a roleplay?

    1- Anatomical changes of a body when it's internal temperature is rising up. Non lethal, but up to the point someone passes out (thank you water temp magic) 2- The healing and scar process of chemical burns 3- A recent one! How do hunting camera work and how costly do they get (answer: rip my...
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    Other Random question of the day

    I have two ideals days. A rainy and cosy day, where I don't have to work, get to sleep in/cuddle with SO. I have a chocolaty tea waiting for me and a new book I know I waited for a long time to read. My phone is on silent, and I let myself get lost in writing. Maybe take a long hot shower/a...
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    Experiences The things we don't say

    @Crayons I think the first role is the one that they'd like to play as, which can change depending on the RP.
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    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    Yup! Link to extended demo I really love it, and if you get around to play it feel free to message me to discuss about it :D