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    Fandom Supernatural Fandom

    Hey! I don't know if you are still accepting, but i'm interested if you would like to talk more in PM's.
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    Fandom Supernatural [TV SHOW]

    I'm interested if you're still looking! I would love to talk more in PM's
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    Fandom Supernatural Craving (OC's Welcome) !!!

    I'm very interested!
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    Multiple Settings Searching for a partner.

    I'm Interested in plotting something out together!
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    Fandom Craving Supernatural

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    Realistic or Modern  Heavenly Hell's Cravings

    Hello everyone I'm Heavenly Hell. If you would prefer more of a normal name call me Elizabeth or just Beth. I have been roleplaying for a year and so far it has been very pleasant. I just wanted to say about of things before we go into my cravings, I'm a semi-lit to literate person depending on...
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    Fandom  Craving Supernatural

    You Know What This Is! I adore Supernatural, I'm not as far as many people are. I'm currently on season 7, don't judge I just to into the show last month! That being said I'm looking for someone who is obsessed with the show as much as I am, I will get into who I am looking for and who I can...
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    Multiple Settings Always looking!(Updated 8/16/2020)

    I have no idea if you're still looking but I'm interested in some of your fandoms like Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and The Vampire Diaries but mostly Supernatural because I have recently gotten into the show. If your still looking please send a private message my way, I would love to talk more...
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    Fandom Supernatural (TV Show) !!!

    I'm interested if you're still looking!
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Um hello everyone! Introductions are not really my thing because I am a very awkward person but I am going to try my best. My name is Heavenly Hell but you can call me Elizabeth or Beth for short, that is not my real name because I'm not one for giving my name out for everyone to see. I have...