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    Fandom Enter the Cosmos (Multi-Fandom Crossover RP) [CLOSED]

    Appearance: Name: Pyro Age: Who knows? Canon: Team Fortress 2 Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Well, he's in a nice ol' asbestos suite that protects him from afterburn. He carries a maul, the detonator flare gun, and the backburner flamethrower. Personality: The Pyro is a mumbling...
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    Fandom Justice Soul (searching for canon characters)

    (I've decided I'm just going to post my starter here. Maybe I'll attract more interest that way.) -Today was the day, the day she would finally find the last secret stowed away within Mt. Ebott. Every area had been discovered and all but one monster had been battled and befriended. These...
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    Fandom ♥ On the hunt for an RP partner ♥

    Hey, are you interested in anything Undertale related?
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    Fandom Justice Soul (searching for canon characters)

    Whoa geez, I hadn't realized how many new postings are made in this section daily. With how many new postings there are, and how many people who just type "bump" to see their thread at the top again, it feels like I'm invisible. It's a little bit discouraging. For any who see this, do you...
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    Fandom  Justice Soul (searching for canon characters)

    Disclaimer: I am seeking an Undertale role play. Post length: I typically write between one and five full paragraphs, often more during particularly exciting parts of a role play. During heavy dialogue portions, I am more than happy to dial down to simply writing what's being said between...
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    Fandom Naruto the 4th ninja war. CS page

    (Also a work in progress) Name: Chance Magala Age: 12 Notable info: July Birthday Height: 5' 2" Always carries her father's fire axe with her as her main weapon. She's very talented with this axe. Personality - She's usually quiet and reserved, yet highly opinionated, often keeping to...
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    Fandom Naruto the 4th ninja war. CS page

    (I'll finish the rest of this later... I'm assuming I can edit my posts) Name: Cyric Aburame Age: 12 Notable info: (birthday, height, mannerisms, a example of how they were in class and around others etc) Personality: Curious and inquisitive, he asks a lot of questions and tries to be a...
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    Fandom Naruto rp that is getting a reboot

    All right, that's fine. I'll make sure to behave myself!
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    Fandom Naruto rp that is getting a reboot

    Aw man, I take it you don't want me in?
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    Fandom  Assassination classroom

    Everyone loves Kurosensei! He's the perfect teacher! If anyone is willing to play our beloved sensei, perhaps we could create that special bond between teacher and student. So? Who's up for the challenge?
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    Fandom assassination classroom

    You literate? Decent post size? I may be interested. I have one specific something I wanna do tho. It's not pretty, but I'm cool to do whatever else you want.
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    Fantasy Seeking an Adventure

    Haha I love torturing people! Interested?
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    Fandom Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu RP?

    Hi, is it too late to RP with you?
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    Fandom Guns, Knives and Koro-sensei. (Assassination Classroom RP)

    Is it too late to have an RP with you?
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    Fandom Assassination Classroom RP

    Is it too late to have an RP with you?