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  • Hiya! thanks for dropping by. this is some basic information about my writing style and RP habits,
    just because I don't always have a post up looking for RP with my information, and I tend to approach.

    I go by guac/hal. lg(b)t! she/her!

    🗲 Prefer 1 on 1. I really like to explore characters in-depth, and I just feel like I can't really get into the nitty gritty with a party.
    🗲 Prefer Discord. Definitely not non-negotiable, but I'm horrible at formatting here.
    🗲 PST time zone. I'm usually around, but even more around on Discord. I'm a night owl!
    🗲 Not really fandom heavy. I can write it, but usually try to stick to my own characters.
    🗲 I like writing around characters, not scenarios. Obviously I'm happy to brainstorm a bit about the world and see where we might go, but I prefer to keep things really open.
    🗲 My posts will usually be formatted consistently and I try to use correct grammar/capitalization, and while I'm not a huge stickler for stuff like that, I do hope to write with people with decently structured posts for my small brain to follow along ^^
    🗲 Okay with both smaller posts (~1 para) and big posts. I'm more comfy with the former because I'm used to the text maximums in video games, but I'm down for anything!
    🗲 OOC chatter totally okay!
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