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  • Is there even one single instance where body jumping souls didn't inadvertently and spectacularly mindrape themselves in the end? Eve from mothy's Evillious Chronicles deserve a special mention as seen in Master of the Heavenly Yard... Who and what both Glen Baskerville and Oz Vessalius are in Pandora Hearts is pretty awful too...
    Thinking about it Naruto challenged every single one of his enemies to a real life bullet hell game. RIP, mooks from filler episodes... I'm on to you and your technique Tobirama, you devious fuck!
    Managed to fall asleep only to wake up fully rested one hour later in the middle of the night. I start a new schedule of awakening at seven tommorror/later today. What the fuuuuu-
    Spotted an inch long bug on the floor. No choice. Had to destroy it. >:C
    Spotted a spider a few days back. It was kinda bigger than your average everyday spider. I was not fast enough so now he is living under my bed. I struggle to sleep every night for I fear he might kill me one day.
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    Due to listening to mothy's songs and reading Palingenesis I have a Battle DDR!Madara stuck in my mind's eye. Don't judge >_>...
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