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    Music  Ancient Nesting Grounds!

    Hi guys! GojiBean here! I'm posting a piece I just finished updating from my Divinity Unbound playlist on SoundCloud! Now boasting more realistic instrument software! Please enjoy: Ancient Nesting Grounds, from my RP (and story I hope to publish in the coming years) Divinity Unbound! Ancient...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound

    The sun grew both stronger and brighter as the procession climbed up the hill, prompting Athalia to call for a parisole to shade her from the blinding light. As they neared the final destination, Athalia parted ways with Sebastian, giving him a final wave as he dissappeared into the crowd. The...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound OOC Discussion Page

    Sounds good. Thanks!
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    Other A Friendly Discussion

    Anything, really. Whether it's in a role-play that's trying to capture nostalgia of an original franchise, a film/tv series/anime that's either a retelling, remake, or reboot trying to capture nostalgic moments of past films/episodes, etc.
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    Other  A Friendly Discussion

    Hoyo! So I've a topic I want to discuss and see differing opinions on. The use of nostalgia in story telling, and whether or not you think it should have its limits, or be used freely without limitation. For example, as is obvious from my avatar, I'm a Godzilla fan. The new King of the...
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    Advice/Help  Help With Storytelling?

    Hey all! GojiBean here! I have a question for ya'll about storytelling, because I very often find myself second guessing my decisions and my knowledge of the subject. To the best of my knowledge and studies so far, the best definition of story that makes sense to me is: "The internal journey...
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    Music Could someone help me please?

    Inspiration strikes everyone differently, especially with music. All of our brains are wired differently as far as what strikes the right note (pun intended) within us and tickles our fancy when we listen. So I would advise doing one of a few things to help inspire yourself using different...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound

    Zagaroth and Elena The nurse was quick to get work much for Zagaroth’s relief. He gave her a nod as this lifted the child from his arms and carried him in the back. The white-haired men went to sit on a chair to wait, watching the door where the nurse had disappeared. He had been worried they...
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    Music  Divinity Unbound Theme!

    Hey guys! To go along with my story, and Sil'Eph Niir's image (which you can find here), I wrote a music theme a while back to go with it! Here it is! Any comments or critiques on form, texture, melody, harmony, etc, would all be welcome! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy listening!
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    Digital  Novice Photoshop Art!

    Hey guys! So, this is a character I created for a story I'm writing. Her name is Sil'Eph Niir, the Divine Dragon Goddess (and creator of the Dragon race) in my story, Divinity Unbound. She's basically the word "benevolent" personified, and is cable to take to a gargantuan Dragon form similar to...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound

    Korose Walking slowly down the empty street with his focus squarely on the now silent horizon that was the sea, he barely had time to react as a horde of people suddenly erupted from up ahead to rush past him. Even standing 6' 2" and weighing just over 200 lbs, Korose was battered by the surge...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound

    Korose Seated quietly beneath the shadow of the hilly path leading to the White Palace of Parliament, the blind Elven vagabond continued to meditate. The black void of the world around him reverberated with activity. And as a pulse emanating with each breath, he took in the visual of the world...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound OOC Discussion Page

    @redroseknight @Moongrid Good evening. As I have received no communications from you, and have seen that you were both active on the site at least on Saturday after the announcement, I am now forced to presume you have either lost interest or decided to drop from the RP for other reasons and...
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    Fantasy Divinity Unbound OOC Discussion Page

    @Moongrid @redroseknight Good morning you two. I wanted to touch base and make sure the two of you are still interested and wanting to participate in this RP. I haven't heard from you since before the announcement that you made the cut, and I haven't seen you join the Discord in response to the...
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    Fantasy  Dvinity Unbound Deities

    The Deities This is where I will be posting all of the information on the Deities of this RP's world. It's currently a work in progress, but will continue to be updated once I'm off work (on my lunch break now, lol). The Progenitors The All Duo – Better known as the All Mother and All...