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    Fandom Rising Rocket (Pokemon RP)

    this looks interesting 👀 i'm wondering what the feel of the rp is tho? is it going to be more serious or comedic or something in between? considering it's team rocket, there's a lot of potential for either.
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    Fantasy Rat Haven [Character Hub]

    NAME Catya Hargrave ALIAS Cathedral AGE 23 GENDER Female APPEARANCE A tall gangling woman, around 5 feet and 11 inches and weighing around 168 lbs. She’s got a strong build, often being called a horse or an ox or any manner of a large, dumb animal (call her anything, she's probably heard it.)...
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    Music What is your Favorite Band?

    Bastille! the only band who i've made an actual effort to see live.
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    Tutorial I need help with being descriptive in rps

    personally, my problem is being too descriptive hahhaha. one way i do it is basically elaborate on things and focus on tiny details. when your character is talking about something sad, do they move their hands a certain way, do they tear up or grimace or do they keep it in? when you're...
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    Other Currently reading?

    i've been reading nonfiction lately but honestly it makes your brain feel heavy at some point (or is it just because i'm a dummy?) so right now i'm using Dark Places by Gillian Flynn to wash out my brain for a bit. next up on my list though, Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher.
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    Fantasy Rat Haven (1 open spot)

    :0 is this still open? looks super interesting!
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    hi what's up?

    hello!! it's been a while since i rped and i've recently gotten a craving for it again! my last time rping was on gaia online and it was fun but the focus on pretty graphics kinda sucked out my energy so i wanted to try somewhere else for a bit. so here i am :v