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  • will respond to DMs later tonight hopefully, i have a long day today so I probably won't be active until late !
    hey-- I've been on a brief hiatus because of irl troubles,, I'm gonna try to get back on and be active again. I know I have some DMs of people looking for RP, and if you're still interested feel free to bump the DM so I can get back to you. I don't wanna bother anyone if they aren't interested anymore, haha.
    i'm back ! if we had a roleplay open before i left, please message me if you're still interested. otherwise, feel free to hit up my partner search !!
    hey, i'm back after a brief hiatus! ik i had some roleplays open so if you're still open for those feel free to send me another message! i don't want to bother anyone in case people have lost interest!
    apologies for being a bit MIA the past few days!! it's testing week and i have a few other irl stuff going on, but i'll respond to my messages as quickly as i can !
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