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    Just my MLP main (^^)
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a male long term partner

    it's fine (^^)
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    Fandom  My Little Pony (OC's x OC's) , looking for partner

    This idea was inspired by : (Redfork2000) I prefer M/F and I am female (^^). I also rp in PM if it's not a problem. Yes the title is correct , OC's x OC's. a bunch of your OC's x a bunch of my OC's. An ambitious idea but a good one (^^) Please say you will join (^^) and if you have questions...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

    Duchess Ziva stood and watch as the people of Mara-sarma celebrate with a new found energy that seemed impossible , they all had a certain glow to them , showing that the marians of mara-sarma live and breath the Marian Will. The people are stronger , faster and have a greater neck for enjoyment...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

    The party was afoot , not that it isn't everyday a party but this was extra , since the veil between their world of Mara and this world lifted . They have come a long way and it was time they celebrated that . The best way the Duchess thought this would be was to thank the divines they follow...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

    With the world around the Marians growing is shape , it might have to start growing in meaning as well. One way that the Duchess though of doing so was by using the buildings she had provided for her people . "knowledge seekers at the Nexus of Knowledge , i implore you , please , enter my mind ...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

    With the elven populated town secured not to far from their capital . The people of Vocia cheers in joy as their territory over the strange new land spread . The elves themselves enjoyed their own little place that they now call home . The Duchess though was walking around the throne room ...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations IC

    With the House of rest complete and the Junkship researched , it was a time of joy and happiness . Guess it is just a usual day then for the Marians . The Duchess finished with the marians that investigated the ship before flying over to inspect the House of Rest " Yes...yes and yes , oh so much...