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  • I’m so stingy that instead of flirting with the girl at the counter I barter.

    speech raised to 96
    "Like all worlds people reincarnate into, the language is Japanese with English subtitles"
    Jojo's bizarre adventure is enough to convince me to start a keto diet and work out ridiculously.

    I shall pose and speak dramatically with odd flair
    Anyone wanna be my friend on the switch and trade Pokémon/lose at Mario games?
    I wish but I don't have NOL.
    my screen is shattered so I shall not be on discord or Rpn til I have a device I can type on that won't slice my fingers
    I have a dream of being the author of a successful romcom action manga that gets thousands of people arguing over who the mc will end up with and who is best girl.
    I'd drag it on forever but have it end with the mc choosing some side character who has had little to none dialogue or screen time.
    You have no idea how many near kisses, accidental breast/p**** grabs, hints of various sorts
    Flashbacks that show mc making a promise/being a hero and hot tub/beach episodes it'd take for mc to go "yea I like this chick"

    All over the span of at least four years (if I get a good illustrator)
    Ultimately the reason he picks her is because all the other characters were pressuring him too much to start dating the one everyone expects him to end up with... With the sole exception of the quiet girl, which he ends up appreciating
    along those lines but more at the end of some huge climax he bails and hits on some random but gets turned down.
    *fade to black bold text says two weeks later.*
    "Aren't you glad you said yes?"

    Season two is mc in prison or some sort of asylum for criminal activity, where each episode is a mix of him recalling what happened to land him in prison and what actually happened
    As in he recalls "lucky pervert moments" he was actually just being a deviant or criminal at worst
    "I feel like I recognize the art style of that comic you're reading..."

    Yea the artist makes hentai usually.

    "Huh...yea I uh, must have seen someone else reading it..."
    "I only remember the tall tale from my father who heard it from his mother and so forth... But a mighty wizard named Shenanigans claimed the moon would circle Aerth, he plucked a long hair from his beard chanted words not of this world while infusing it with mana before throwing that hair at the moon. It's said the moon turned green when the hair struck and shenanigans magic protects the Aerth fairly as the moon moves at a constant pace... funny that Ha-lial's nights are shrouded in clouds."

    Lore from Aerth, join a rp of mine if this peaked curiosity
    Kinda annoyed how absorbing pokemon games can be... apart from that Dear leader and his fanatics will be the newest champions.
    I'm confused.

    Are you talking about Piers?
    almost wanna get the newest Pokemon game just to name my character something odd or funny for dialogue to matter more.
    Was excited for the recent smash online event, then learned gannadorf isn’t a option and all the pit freaks are out
    "and then Kirby flies in on his dragoon like papa sakurai loves me most and he crashes through the..."
    Just found out Akira toriyama, guy who made dragon ball also made dragon quest and by proxy dragon quest builder 2.
    Was wondering who blended anime and Minecraft
    My rp's have slowed down dramatically.
    Is everyone busy? Did they suddenly lose intrest?

    Or is Mario maker 2 my life now and I can only take momentary breaks to post shit and talk to people about switch related topics.
    "oh boy I've waited for years to play smash bros ultimate!"
    Hey there flowiest, I'm SSBU, to unlock all the characters you need to play for 48 hours and give me 33 bucks for the DLC.

    "Ah fuck."
    I'm pretty sure it's all about which characters you play.
    It's to do with distance traveled on in game stages as well as characters.
    So if you unlock a character you play as that one through classic and eventually you unlock them all, there's ways to speed it up using time and smash mode but ultimately it took around five hours all up to unlock everyone. And the season pass/6.95 for the dlc
    "I will overcome every challenge that comes my way!"
    *6.95 dollar paywall shows up*
    "I will overcome almost any challenge that comes my way!"

    I'm kidding.
    Not sure why strangers follow strangers but also limit who views their profile.
    Why follow me if you don’t want me seeing what you post?

    why you wanting to track what I post?
    Australia is on fire, anyone overseas wanna put up with me for like four months while it blows over?
    "I'm not going to bang your sister, I'm going to romance her!
    Take her out for a four star meal,
    Sit down at the beach during a sunset,
    Draw a tasteful nude of her and then bang your sister... On the beach"
    "And I believe in my heart that the day will come that we will meet again, I mean unless the moon explodes or some shit"
    Can't wait for a outer world rp where everyone abuses the flaws for extra perks and funny dialogue.
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