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    Fantasy Fantasy or Science fiction

    Hi! I am new to this site but not new to rp and I am interested!
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a partner

    I'm pretty new here but I would be interested
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    Multiple Settings  New to RP!

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to this, but I have rp'ed before. Here is some info about me and what I am looking for! My info: Age: 19 Gender: female Preferred genres: I'm open to a lot of things. I would prefer no fandoms, and I do not particularly enjoy horror. I also prefer mxf (me as...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I thought I should introduce myself. I have rp'ed before but I have never used this site before. I enjoy both 1x1 and groups, and I am into a wide range of genres.