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    Realistic or Modern  I have this idea...

    (Note: I am suuuper bad at responding if I don't have the power of notifications on my side, so I'll only be roleplaying with people with discord) ... So, I have this idea for a story. It's where one out of every 100th dead person comes back as something called a "Spectre". "Spectres" look...
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    Hello from a loser.

    Still cool though!
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    Hello from a loser.

    Oh my gosh, I didn't know there were Mechanist roleplayers, I thought she was adorable when I found her, that's awesome
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    Other  I know this is probably innapropriate for this website

    But seeing as how it's been bothering me for quite some time and I'm too anxious to vent to anyone directly, I felt the need to post this. On my birthday, I was looking forward to it for quite some time, seeing as I had never had a birthday party before. For the first time in my life I actually...
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    Advice/Help  Story Progression/Lead?

    When you are roleplaying with someone or multiple people, is there a designated guide/lead for the story that carries the plot along, or does everyone contribute equally/when they have ideas?
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    Anime & Manga Subbed or Dubbed Anime

    Really, for me it all depends on the quality of the voice acting, because unfortunately, the mass majority of dubbed anime is really poorly voice acted. If the voice acting is great, I will definitely go for the dub, but if the voice acting is trash, I will be more than willing to sacrifice my...
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    Anime & Manga What was the first anime that you ever watched?

    I'm not sure if Miyazaki films count, so other than that, One Punch Man
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    Anime & Manga Who's Your Anime/Manga Crush?

    this may be a common answer, but... I have a weak spot for Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
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    Other Undertale Fandom - A serious discussion/Rant on 'Chara' in AUs.

    For me, I can't see Chara as anything else than pure evil, because that is what she was meant to represent in the game, an evil that you can never really get rid of. Maybe as a game developer I am alone in this PoV
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    Other  Rate my art, I guess? I'm new here

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    Other Unpopular Opinions

    That's not just a bad opinion... It's a fact.
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    Take A Favourite Game And Make It Sound Awful.

    You play as a zombie that works for a planet with nobody on it, but not really, you actually work for other zombies, but you forget about that, (And everything else in the game) in favor of endlessly grinding for the chance to get currency that only might get you one of the many items that once...
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    Video Games What games are still alive but you basically count as dead?

    Wizard 101. Tried to go back. Oh lord did that game not age well since I was young.
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    Video Games What is your favours Pokémon

    Mudkip! I named mine Rudyard, and I've never loved a Pokémon as much as I loved that one since!