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    Y HALO THAR! What's a Random Blob doing on my profile? ^_^

    Y HALO THAR! What's a Random Blob doing on my profile? ^_^
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    Curse of Strahd [CLOSED]

    Moire turns back to her old friend and smiles appreciatively, even if she can barely see the other woman by Hircus' dim lit. With a nod of understanding, she motions the group back down the stairs and then proceeds to start backing her way down, as quietly as a woman clad in armor can. If...
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    Futuristic The Relentless OOC

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    Futuristic Unlit IC

    @Viper Actual Stratton's comment about her wearing dress blues brightened Kestrel's generally-in-a-good-mood-smile. "Look who's not in uniform either," she said, winking at him with a pointed look at his own formal threads. Then she shrugged. "My old Cavanaugh formals are the Stars know...
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    Dice Year of the Spy OOC

    Yeah, but if it's peeling paint, it's going to require scraping and repainting before repainting, so to speak. No? Unless we just take a knife to it or something...
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    Year of the Spy

    @Teh Frixz Weaver simply stares at a bit incredulously at the Doctor's comment about the heat but she doesn't otherwise seem concerned with the way he dismisses her recommendation for scrutiny. Instead, she gives a slight half-shrug as if this is the latest in a string of similar such...
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    Fandom Mass Effect: Tales from the Citadel [Reboot] OOC

    And likewise!
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    Dice Year of the Spy OOC

    The ruleset we're using allows for characters to be competent in several areas or really great at one or two. If you haven't played it before, I'd encourage you to make your guy more of a well-rounded character rather than hyper-specialized. In part because otherwise you may find yourself...
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    Viewpoint Unpopular roleplay opinions?

    We are obligated to (and should) treat everyone politely and respectfully and the presence of moderators on this site are a wonderful asset towards keeping civility. At least when it comes to general discourse. That said, RPing is not a paid position. We're not employees or business owners...
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    Futuristic Junkers (IC)

    @HercynianSoul The pilot's announcement over the communicators tied to the ship's long-range comms confirmed I:SILME's suspicions. Rather than reply verbally, the Harbinger simply lifted a wrist and tapped a button that simply signaled acknowledgement and receipt of message. Sparing the pilot...
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    Curse of Strahd [CLOSED]

    Between their situation and the lack of light, Moire finally brings out her shield and draws her sword in case of surprises. But none appear to be forthcoming...yet. The Paladin notes the servant's hall, swallowed up in darkness as it is, and whispers back to her companions. "Let's see how...
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    Fantasy The White Rabbit Act I

    A beautiful woman, all alone in a haunted forest and perfectly positioned to be a helpless victim? Emmaline had seen tricks like that before. Hell, she'd been the beautiful woman in distress before, when it got her close to a mark...or just needed to eat. Trap. So obviously a trap. But it...
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    Futuristic The Relentless: Journey to Old Earth (Chapter Three)

    Meanwhile, Talia had spent the last some hours keeping an eye on their captive prisoner and preparing for what to do if their rescue ended up being more trouble. Or, worse, part of the plan. Nothing like a nice bit of sabotage to provide easy cover for a 'helpful ship just passing by' after...
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    Futuristic Unlit IC

    Their arrival on Corverant left Kestrel staring for a while. She still wasn't widely traveled, compared to most of her ship mates, and seeing a vast city spread out over an ocean was completely novel for her. The handover of the Waning Stars prisoners went without complication, for which she...
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    Viewpoint Unpopular roleplay opinions?

    Unpopular roleplay opinions... Alright. I think people who post interest checks are volunteering to run the world and setting for those playing in it. When they inevitably turn out to just want to play their own character in a scenario with no idea how the story or plot is supposed to go, I'm...