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    Fantasy The Tudor Lestrange Institute of Villainy and Henchmanship - Roleplayer's Lair

    Hmmm. Not sure. I think Fenris doesn't have a roommate person yet, so I guess they could room together.
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    Fantasy Familiars Awakened: The 13th Ruler

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    Fantasy On Treacherous Tides & Whirling Winds

    Very much interested~!
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    Fantasy The Tudor Lestrange Institute of Villainy and Henchmanship - Yearbook

    Student Form Name: Shaefina Maeiryn Age: 19 Gender: Female Original species: Drider Any changes?: Nope How you got here: Enrolled Classification: Macro Dictator/Black Magician Rank: Currently unranked, hoping for Villain. Allegiance: None yet. Motivation: Power above all else Fashion sense...
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    Fantasy Forevermore (Interest Check - CLOSED)

    Very much interested.
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    Realistic or Modern [Mythic] BLACKOUT (Hero/Villain)

    Never thought I'd see any of your works on here again. As always, I'm interested in this and shall try to get working on a character sheet post haste.
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    Fantasy The First Curse |Crimson Order Campaign IC

    With a sigh of relief, Breebi Berrybeam approached what appeared to be sunlight shining through a crack in a wall up ahead of her. She had been deep underground for the past two days investigating some rumors of a sunken city lost to time. What she happened to find was less of a city and more so...
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    Fantasy The Crimson Order | D&D Campaign Character Sheet

    Name: Breebi Berrybeam Gender: Female Race: Gnome Age: 238 Occupation: Archaeologist Personality: Breebi Berrybeam is a ray of sunshine and optimism that can shine through the darkest of times. She always looks on the bright side of life and stays positive no matter what happens. After all...
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    Fantasy DEFINE/DEATH | Urban Fantasy Game

    Sorry it's takin' me so long. I've been crankin' 11-12 hour shifts these past few days so I just come home and crash. We recently hired like 8 people so hopefully I won't have to work as much and can go back to focusing on my writing. I have Wednesday and Thursday off, so my sheet should pop out...
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    Fantasy The Crimson Order | D&D Style Campaign

    Very much interested~!