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    Fantasy Skyworld: Age of Sail Characters

    Edward Fawlk Passenger Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5'7" Weight: 9 Stone Sexuality: Bisexual Physical Description: Lean and somewhat frail. General Description: Edward is a mysterious character. He says little, keeps to himself, and never causes any trouble. He keeps to his schedule...
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    Fantasy Web of Avalon (CS Thread)

    Name: Fabian Age: 25 Gender: Male Species: Human Sexuality: Bisexual Height: 5'6" Weight: 126 lb Build: Lean but Athletic Original World: Limbus Fabian is a mage, but quite unlike most mages in his world. Fabian has command over the forces of water, but that is the only form of magic he can...
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    Realistic or Modern  In Evermore

    Eden can only stare out of the window as his father drives both he and his mother into the small town that was his father's childhood hometown. Evermore. Eden remembers it, and it has hardly changed. The same charmed little buildings, the same tree-lined streets, the same flowering gardens. Eden...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

    Commander Derin Hendri ~ The Devourer ~ Ever since he has gotten out of the healers bed, Derin has been locked away in the left wing of his mansion home, training himself at all hours and pushing himself to his limits. The Lizardmen have hurt his pride when they defeated him, but this is...
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    Fantasy Skyworld: Age of Sail

    I would like to be a passenger. A rather shady, secretive passenger that paid for his trip with an item no ordinary person should ever possess, and using such an item to pay for a trip aboard a pirate ship defines desperation. I look forward to seeing the CS thread go up.
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    Fantasy Web of Avalon (Magic, Mages, and Friends oh my!) [All roles taken]

    I was interested in joining this, but it seems all roles are taken. A shame. Wish you luck with your roleplay, though.
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

    Commander Sparda Hendri ~ The Paragon ~ Standing upon the balcony overlooking the newly built town square, Sparda could not help but smile at all of the hard work that had been achieved in just two months, watching the mundanes preparing for the first day of trading as they set up their...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

    Regalia ~ The Land of Eternal Winter ~ Despite intensive searches, the surveyors would find nothing in addition to what had already been discovered. No new veins of ore, no further ferile lands to cultivate, no undiscovered forests to log. It looked as though this entire operation had been...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations Reboot Main Thread

    Celest ~ Capital of the New World ~ Alexian's premiership would not start happily. One month has passed since he became Primus, and he is already presiding over a case regarding a breach of the Compact. And by a Magister, no less. Not one of his own Magisters, much to Alexian's relief, but...
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    Fantasy  The Tale of Two

    "We should be getting pretty close to the bandit camp." Frederick spoke to his friend, Krauss, as they both cantered toward their destination atop their steeds, "Hope what the village elder told us was the truth. Remember that job back in Bessin? I'm still aching from that onix's rock throw."...
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    Nation Building Nation Sheets

    Regalia Capital City: Celest National Flag: ~~~ Government: Magocracy ~ a kratocratic form of government in which only the most powerful mage has the right to rule. The head of state is known as the Primus, considered to be the most magically powerful mage in Regalia, and leader of all...
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    Nation Building Birth of Nations: Rebirth (Currently Full)

    Though I am interested in this, I do have a concern. Where exactly does the roleplaying aspect come into this? Your OP reads much more like a manual for a strategy game, and though I love strategy games, I do want to roleplay. I want to be able to create characters, write their personal...
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    Fandom Pokemon - Femino City

    Once the transaction was finished, Ethan took his leave, heading back outside. The likely reason why the mechanic was denied an entry permit is because he is not a trainer himself, and Femino City is simply not interested in receiving mechanical tutoring. Regardless, now outside, Ethan would...
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    Fandom  Pokemon - Femino City

    The open road, the rumble of the engine, and the whip of the air as he thunders across the countryside. The life of a trainer is one of freedom, able to go and see and do whatever one pleases, held down by no one and nothing. Not everyone can live such a life, having no home and no place in the...