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    Digital [ smile. ] »»—-» fabled's art dump

    goddamn, that's HOT
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    h-hewwo??? owo???

    thank you guys!! i actually got into roleplaying from a different site from a friend of mine who invited me on there, and was there until it went to shit lmao, joining a different site w my friends. im just casually looking at this one, but it looks interesting and i could possibly see myself...
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    h-hewwo??? owo???

    um yes hi hewwo owo i am imajinary, but i prefer to be called dream! my friend @fabkin brought me here so uribdhsjn thanks bro lysm i really love bts tbfh, and im a huge seokjin fan and im just <3 oh no emojis my nemesis my baby boy uwu but i also love stranger things (a lot) and markiplier lmao...