I'm in my 30s and I'm a single parent to two daughters. I also work in accounting which can drive me crazy sometimes so I'm not going to be the fastest poster. It'll probably be at least once a day though. Just wanna say that off the bat. I do have many years of forum RP experience. I'm also a pro at juggling multiple characters in one rp. I'm probably not going to get involved in too many rps at once though until I get into the groove and figure out how much I can deal with. So here's some of my interests and preferences.

Place to RP: On site or Discord

Posts: I post at least a paragraph and I expect the same in return. I know things get longer or shorter depending on what's going on.

Preference: I usually play females but I can play males. Mostly I like F/M or F/F. I'm honestly not that great at M/M for some reason. I have nothing against it, I just struggle writing it for some weird reason.

Original Settings: I don't have any ideas right now bursting to life. But I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi the most.

Fandom: Here's the list of things I like and would be interested in RPing. Please note that I don't mind if you play canon characters but 99% of the time I play OC ones. I just really like coming up with my own characters to fit in with those settings. Just ask me if you want me to play someone though and we'll see what we can do.

Marvel (movies, I do have basic knowledge of the comics but nothing grand): fav ideas would be something with Loki or X-Men setting.

Fast & Furious: Anything similar. I just love fast cars lol.

John Wick: The whole assassin bureau thing would make an awesome setting.

Harry Potter: anywhere in that world. One of the schools or even just out and about. I love the magical creatures so being someone like Newt who takes care of them would be amazing.

Supernatural: I love the show. Dean's my fav even if he can be an ass sometimes. Or maybe because he is lol. I have two character ideas right now. Here are the basics. Oh and they don't have to be in the same story these are just characters stuck in my brain right now. One is a shadow creature who was raised by a group of assassins. She left them and now works for herself taking out both human and non-human targets. Only takes out ones she feels are actually bad. The other is an ex-K-9 officer who "retired" with her canine partner after they had some run in with something supernatural. Haven't 100% settled on what yet. But they became a hunter duo who especially excel at tracking down things.

Star Wars: This universe is always a blast to play with. Once had one story we ran away with so much we managed to somehow turn the Jedi into the bad guys and the Sith into the good guys.

*More to come later!