Doctor Colmer Voidsman

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    Doctor Vincent Colmar Voidsman
    Looks: Plague Doctor/pfp
    Attitude: Workaholic, Peaceful, tolerant, silent most of the time, observant, and kind.
    Age: He's lived to see the beginning and the end repeatedly...but prefers to assume he's 43
    Height: 10'9
    Likes: Getting work done, silence, crows, reading, engineering, his hospital
    weapons: MG42, hyper obsidian Katana, 6 round revolver, and stun/flash grenades

    Doc is well known back in his realm for his kindness and gentle attitude he strives to help others with any task big or small. he mostly spends his time reading books on magic, testing his weapons, and saving peoples live from time to time. he is a great ally to have being able to use the environment to his advantage and and attack silently. although a majority of his past is unknown, he only wishes to be a great friend to everyone and get to know everyone more.
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