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  • i have so many roleplays to reply to and multiple fanfictions that need to be updated and instead of im scowering the internet trying to find people who will rp as vegeta :-_-lines:
    Hey, I saw you mention struggling with depression.
    If ya need someone to talk to, I'm a depression victim and I've helped many through depression. If you don't want to mention any details or just don't want to talk about it, that is completely fine with me.
    im not used to being home alone and tonight my depression is acting up :-)
    So, I'm on another roleplay website and I just don't get people?? In my post there, I specifically lined out that I only do fandoms and I've recieved like 6 PM's requesting OCxOC??? Like no get that away from me  >:(  Do people even read your posts?? 
    People who smack their lips while they eat are the worst kind of people.  >:(
    Rock And Roll Boy
    Sometimes people do this by accident.
    Sometimes {all the time} I really just don't care tbh
    Off to bed. Glad I'm back and was finally able to reply to some old roleplays and find some new buddies!! 
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