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  • Sorry Dazzle, I'm kind of like TheJoker on this one. I'm so swamped with work and stuff now I barely have time to keep up with the rps I'm already on. Maybe another time. :)
    right, lets think about the rules, most basic are,

    1)Don't fall in love with your own characters
    2) Don't play another characters
    3) Make one boy per girl or one girl per boy.
    4) Don't join and never come back
    Anything else???
    we need a lot of people to join the Rp so its successful. But do you think that this is a good title? •Prefect World• Fun ♥Love♥ & ♣Mystery♣
    But also i have to fold some clothes, >.> ill brb Okay? If it logs me off its only cause i took so long, i will be back online after i promise(:
    I haven't read the books, or watched the movies. I would like to though, Although i was about to make a thread last night, It was Called: Prefect World, Fun, Love, & Mystery. It was a thread for teens to escape into a word where everything was perfect, Partys, Romance, and other things teenagers love to do, There are not Adults or people to watch them, Its like a world where teenagers, can be teenagers. I'm really big on love to(:
    another idea could be, ill make a rp, and you could be a co-owner? We would have to think about what it would be about, and the storyline.
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