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  • Will they mourn you once you are gone? Or will they just forget like everyone else.

    Curious. Sometimes I think that it does not even matter...
    There will come a day when words will no longer suffice.

    There will come a day when solitude will no longer help.

    They will walk, always walk - alone, silent, careful.

    Their tears shall feed the soil, their sorrow permeate the air.

    And as they walk and vanish they know that no one will remember them.

    No one shall care.
    secretly slides in here and whispers, "someone's birthday is coming up, prepare for punches"
    Hello! I am not sure if anyone has offered a roleplay to you yet, but I would like to offer a position in my roleplay if you would like to accept it
    If you would accept the position, just let me know! And there would be no hard feelings if you respectfully decline :)
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