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  • TAoAaG  Vol.6

    Anteo: Why do I have these?

    Me: Huh?

    Anteo: These Saber boxing gloves

    Me: To punch people and cut through them

    Anteo: That seems overkill

    Me: It's what I say it is.

    Anteo: Overkill

    Me: You are the best Bounty Hunter ever, you need the best gear

    Anteo: ....Fine...
    TAoAaG  Vol.5

    Anteo: I got a question

    Me: Shoot.

    Anteo: Why are my light sabers basically Boxing gloves?

    Me: Because they are sweeeet

    Anteo: They shouldn't exist

    Me: TO bad, they do

    Anteo: You are breaking lore

    Me: I will break you

    Anteo: To late, you already did.
    TAoAaG  Vol.4

    Me: Anteo

    Anteo: What...

    Me: Guess what?

    Anteo: I have to kill more people?

    Me: When did you not have to?

    Anteo: When I wasn't created.

    Me: Lighten up.

    Anteo: You made me only feel anger and Hatred.

    Me: Oh yea.
    The Adventures of Anteo and God, Vol.3    (Now just gonna be TAoAaG)

    Me: Anteo Guess what

    Anteo: I got a nerf?

    Me: No

    Anteo: I'm dead?

    Me: No

    Anteo: I kill people with a light saber in the shape of a fist that I have no control over.

    Me: Ding Ding, winner
    The Adventures of Anteo and God Vol. 2

    Me: Wanna hear a joke

    Anteo: No

    Me: Why?

    Anteo: I hate you

    Me: Do you?

    Anteo: Yes.

    Me: Why did the little Anteo cross the road?

    Antoe: Sigh, why?

    Me: To kill another innocent human, BWHAHAHHAHAHAH

    Anteo: ....

    Me: Why arn't you laughing? 

    Anteo: Remember? You removed that emotion

    Me: Ohhh yeaaaa
    The adventures of Anteo and God Vol. 1

    Anteo: Who am I?

    Me: A murdering monster

    Anteo: I don't want to be

    Me: You be what I want you to be

    Anteo: Why do i do this?

    Me: Money

    Anteo: What If I love the person?

    Me: Annnnnd you can't feel love anymore.

    Anteo: I sympathize them

    Me: To late. Another emotion bites the dust.

    Anteo: I want to die.

    Me: Maybe if you kill another person you will die!

    Anteo: Hmmm, Good Idea!
    Hello! Seen that one of my buddies mentioned you, so I thought to say hi. Im Candy, your local candy crazed emo. Nice to meet you. 
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    I'm Caboose. I love candy so I love you.
    Awww thank you. Right back at you, new buddy. Hope you like it here at RPN.

    Jist heard the Chronicler say you need some love and that you're a good person. And if he says is, it must be true. I don't know why he said it, but it must mean that you couldn't use a hug or two. And if that's the case, I'm your guy.

    *opens arms*
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