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  • this is proof that all might's spirit animal is a llama, nobody can tell me otherwise

    and not an alpaca, he's too dignified to be an alpaca
    *sassy hair whip*
    Our final 2 sheep babies were born this morning, their names are Aster and Loki. Now all of our babies are kind of named in pairs I guess?
    There's Anna and Elsa, Thor and Loki, Iris and Aster. Loki already has horns growing in, we can tell he'll be a strong little ram.
    Current favorite song:
    It's super good and I'm considering doing some sort of animation-esque thing for it maybe
    This morning our sheep Nova gave us a surprise lamb, her name is Iris.
    Just 15 minutes ago, Bella gave us little Thor : D
    I got to pick up the other lambs and they're like a cat but heavier
    Now one of our sheep, Big Lucy, just gave birth to two twin babies just an hour ago! They're both girls, and we're trying to decide on names for them, preferably from icelandic origin, that seems like a tradition for naming this breed of sheep.
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    The new babies' names are Elsa and Anna :>
    I shall make a thing for my profile cover because I'm bored of this pixel art dragon
    what shall it be
    Pixel art dragons are clearly the superior profile cover.

    what if you and I were playing minecraft
    and we both were pigs
    and pewdiepie fed us both carrots
    ahaha jkjk....

    @Depressed_But _Coffee

    This turdnugget is mah goooooood good friend and I'm afraid to admit that when I first met her I was like, "Hiss don't steal my friends," but now I realized that she wasn't stealing my friends but killing my friends becoming a friend. She's incredibly kind and supportive and uplifting when you get to know her. She may have like 5 brain cells, but at least she has more than 1 (like me). Also shout out to her for helping me out in ya know that one time at jamba juice : )

    not today autocorrect changing my text emoticons to emojis >:D
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