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    It's Me!

    Hi! I'm crazygirl! I love to do lots of things but my number 1 passion is writing! Roleplays are the main things that I write! So, yeah! That's all I got to say! Adios y'all! :)
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    Food Pringles vs. Lay's vs. Doritos

    Pringles for the win!!! ;)
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    Other What languages do you speak

    English and sarcasm! Bam! :) (Oh, and also Ferb Latin!)
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    Other your fav childhood cartoon

    Phineas and Ferb!!!!! :)
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    Other If you could be any animal (even fictional) what would you be?

    I would be a Tigger!!!! :) :) :) ;)<3
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    Other What are some of your favourite sounds?

    I like the sound of rain. It's very calming and relaxing. Really cool to watch too! ;)
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    Food Popcorn. Salty or Sweet?

    Popcorn is good! I like both salty and sweet! So, a bit of both. :)
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    Other At what age did you start role-playing and what made you stay?

    I started role-playing a couple years ago. I kept going cause I like to write! :)
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    Other Hobbies

    Crocheting, reading, writing, etc.,
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    Other Light or Dark Theme?

    light theme wins
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    Other Share your cosplay?

    cosplay is poop
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    Other Guilty pleasures and fitting in