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  • I'm sorry that you got banned! D: (Even if it was for a few days) And, it's okay, I understand. I sorta suck being an owner on there anyway : P
    I'm so sorry I was banned of le interwebz for a few days and when I returned I was supposed to tell you that I had to drop out of Mythical. I have too many RP's going on. I knew I forgot something though! D: I'm super sorry, you didn't sound annoying at all either.
    So Sorry. I've been grounded for the past 2 weeks, so no computer. But my dad says if I keep my grades up I can be ungrounded, so I'll be on all the time soon enough, especially now that Marching Band has come to a slow close. But I would love to RP on Mythical, i had completely forgot about that role play. My bad...
    Oh, well, they are all at the world Acoplyptica (however I spelled it). And basically what's going on is that my one character, Nerrezza--well she was kissing Zac but now he's begging for her help. Zac is played by Kat-is-dead. Errmm...I have another character, his name is Erebus(but I'm sorta waiting to see if the one person that Erebus was interacting with responds) but Kat has a few other characters. Or you could always make your character find Nerrezza/Zac and interrupt. Whatever works out for you. Post to your best creative ability(:
    O.o umm... just thought about something. Where should I start/how? I don't know what's going on, or how you like it to go. :3
    It doesn't matter to me if I author the roleplay. But I personally prefer having a co-author to bounce ideas off of, so if you want to send me your info and I can work out the details, I'm okay with it.Send me the stuff in a pm though.

    I kinda like the cruise idea, its open to anything. Murder mystery, if you want. Its easy to make an alibi for why all the characters are on the ship; theyre employed there, sweepstakes, radio contest, rich parents.
    We decided we would play out to the end of Legendless's rp plot, so it's active again.

    But I am still interested in doing a second one. There are lots of small islands in the Florida Keys as well, I would love to do some kind of Hawaii resort-spa thing--that might be cool. Thinking about it, the resort could have a full spa and restaurant and a bar--if you decide to include alcohol, which is fine with me--plus there would be plenty of room for people. A cruise ship would be cool too--and the could visit different locations in the tropics, and do all sorts of fun stuff.

    I'm just musing. Lots of my ideas come from thinking out loud, lol, sorry.

    Oh, and sorry it took so long for me to see this, you posted it on your own page, so I didn't get the notification and I was all like..."hum, whats taking so long, maybe she posted on her own page?" And I decided to check. I've done that alot actually XD
    Sorry, I'm still not very good at jumping into a role-play so I'm trying to figure out a good time my character(s) can join in with some people... But I still want to be in it! Sorry...
    Well, I suppose I didn't have much thought into it. I was thinking that there would be 5 or 6 rooms per gender or whatever. And then maybe 2 or 3 bathrooms; and have the rest of the normal rooms. I was thinking maybe the actual Beach House would be in Ocean City, Maryland or maybe one of the islands of Hawaii. I'm not real sure what exactly ideas you were looking for..but basically..that's what I had..Dx
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