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    Fantasy Search for a long-term RP partner

    Hello! If you're still looking, I'd be interested in a RP. c: I'd love to do a wolf RP maybe, I'd also be up for pirates, supernaturals/werewolves, warrior cats, dragons, other animals (big cats etc.), Mass Effect, and maybe Percy Jackson if you have a plot idea. Let me know!
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search - always seeking!

    Looking again!
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    Multiple Settings Looking for strong female characters!

    I'd potentially be down for something, I tend to write female characters so I think we could work something out, PM if still interested?
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    Fandom A Bit of This and That (Open!)

    Hello! I feel like we'd be a good match and I'd love to set up a RP with you! I'd be interested in something based in the Pokemon universe, whether it be OCs or I could maybe play my (F) OC x Lillie (I was craving that when Sun/Moon were new, I've lost the craving a little bit but still love...
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    Fandom → cravings.

    do you have any interest in non-fandom things? i'm not familiar with any of the fandoms you listed but i feel like we'd be a good match?? if not that's totally fine!! though i'd love to talk about animals with you anyway??
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    Fandom Feral Furlough

    Isabel had never been one to back down from a challenge - and with her best friend on the line, this certainly wasn't going to be the time she did. That said, she was still scared. Terrified, even. Although watching the clip on the panther's phone filled her with a new determination to find her...
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    Fandom Feral Furlough

    Isabel took a slow sip from her half-melted smoothie, grateful for the hydration even though the fruity taste felt empty to her now. She'd practically inhaled half of it before she finally forced herself back into the moment, made herself focus on the terrifying ordeal she now found herself a...
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    Fandom Feral Furlough

    Isabel wasn't surprised when the elephant overlooked her, considering she was just about as tall as his toe, but she was just as oblivious to the dark-furred panther's presence as he had been. Still clutching her unsipped, smoothie (which was beginning to melt) in one paw, she struggled to...
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    Fandom  Feral Furlough

    "It's getting late, Is. We should leave." "Hey, it was you that spent an hour and a half at the bookstore, remember? I'm not leaving without a smoothie. Now, come on. Stop worrying so much!" Of the two mammals walking through the Bucksborough Mall that night, you might not assume that the...
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    Fandom A Friend on Omega

    Lyze, certainly tipsy and generally oblivious, didn't notice the tall asari at first. She was still taken by the music, the lights, the pretty asari dancers that attracted the attention of aliens of all sorts in the club. She absolutely could see herself partaking in this kind of night life more...
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search - always seeking!

    @SunnyTheFox11 I'm always down for fantasy stuff c: Feel free to PM me if you're still interested!
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search - always seeking!

    @NobleSixIsInACave I would probably only be comfortable RPing OCs
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    Fandom  A Friend on Omega

    Khel Lyze had never been on Omega before. Up until recently, she'd never left Tuchanka - hadn't even left the shelter of her tiny clan. Her mother kept a short leash on her, trying to mold her into her own legacy. Now, her mother was gone. Now, she was her own krogan. And she couldn't be...
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search - always seeking!

    @NobleSixIsInACave Hmm, I don't really have a huge muse for it right now but if you have any ideas for it I'd be willing to take a look!
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search - always seeking!

    Sorry for the late replies everyone, life unfortunately got busy T-T @smolpaws I'd definitely be interested in either of them! They're my two favorites as well, so choosing is hard! :P Shoot me a PM if you're still interested and we can figure out what's what! @SpotBandit I'd love to do...