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  • college has officially kidnapped me folks. sorry for any ghosting that may have occurred, i am trying to balance a lot of things right now, haha.
    very busy with college right now, sorry if it takes me a hot minute to reply to your dms on discord or on here!
    i am ghost friendly because i don’t feel entitled to anyone’s time or explaination to why they need to stop the rp but auuugh when you get ghosted and see the other person posting in other rps it hurts just a little bit :’). at least this rp was just in the planning stage...
    if i ever forget to reply to you in pm or something, most of the time i didn’t mean anything by it and my inbox just got cluttered. just poke me again, really!
    moving out of my dorm today- most likely will not reply for today! sorry everyone!
    i might be getting summer research, hooray! unclear how much this will affect my rp schedule... but still, yay for me!
    after having an awful day (had to go to the hospital, not a fun experience) seeing rpnation back up sure makes me happy :D
    exciting update: replaced the cat in my profile with another cat. if you wanna make your own cat, the link works again (it got taken down for a bit, i think?? couldn’t find it), so go get it here: cat maker :-).
    it is warm enough finally consistently where i live that i am going to commence my veggie planting. yay for having hobbies that i got into bored at home during lockdown :^)
    i was wondering why the hell i couldn’t access the offsite ad area when i could in the past, and looking over some stuff, it appears that because i was deleting my bumps on my 1x1 thread i kept on locking myself out of the off site ad area.

    ...oopsies xD
    to all my rp partners: still not feeling good >_<....hopefully it will pass over tomorrow, i’ll still try to get to you!
    of course i get more inspiration when there’s nothing for me to reply to =w=.
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