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  • I don’t wanna show it but I keep
    Every single little thing
    Me inside the small screen
    I want to be the prettiest
    I hide it, the way I feel
    [COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]How could you?[/B] [I]What are you?[/I] [B]What is your heart?[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]Why are you saying something else now?[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]Guys are all the same,[/B] [I]love is all the same[/I],[/COLOR][I]Tell me and don’t beat around the bush[/I][COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]How could you?[/B] [I]What am I?[/I] [B]What am I to you?[/B][/COLOR][I]Why are you saying strange things now?[/I][COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]I gave you my[I] heart[/I][/B],[/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)][B]I gave you[I] love[/I][/B] [I]but what are you saying?[/I][/COLOR]
    [B]Have to run now,[/B] [I]what else would I do?[/I]
    [B]I’m immature[/B], [I]I have no [/I][B]fear,[/B][I] man[/I]
    [I]Middle finger up[/I], [B]F U [/B][I]pay me[/I]
    [I]90s baby[/I],[B] I pump up the jam[/B]
    dallyeobwa dallyeobwa oppaya lambo
    oneuleun neowa na jeolmeumeul gamble
    gamhi nal makjima hoksina nuga nal makado
    i’m gonna go brrrr rambo
    [B](Fire)[/B] All you with a lot of [I]fear[/I], come here
    [B](Fire)[/B] All you who are [I]suffering[/I], come here
    [B](Fire)[/B] Lift up your[I] fists[/I], all night long
    [B](Fire) [/B]With marching [I]footsteps[/I]
    [B](Fire)[/B] Run and go [I]crazy[/I]
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