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    Multiple Settings Neko's Rp Search (Original and Fandom lists)

    ꕥ⊱╮ღ꧂ღ The real story is not the plot, Bump but how the characters unfold by it. ღ꧁ღ╭⊱ꕥ ☯✩∘•°.: | ] »→ Vanna Bonta
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    Experiences Role-play frustration Vent thread

    I view character sheets as more for the person who makes the character than for their partner. Simply because it helps keep things straight about the character so it doesn't end up with 'oh this character has a twin brother now' yet ten posts ago 'they were an only child' or something like eye...
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    Other Random question of the day

    Yes there are people who are too nice for their own good... they often end up being taken for granted because of that.
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    Other How did you come up with your username?

    I was like 16 or 17 and was tired of using my other username and at the time I was often bored and cat like with sleeping all the time... so I just combined the two to get BoredNeko... it originally had 19 on it but as I passed that age it dropped off to just what it is now and I end up using it...
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    Other Why did you choose your avatar?

    A friend found it for me and said it reminded them of me and thus I use it. But also because I had a friend change the hair and jacket to have sunset or stars on it. The full pic of it is beautiful.
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    Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^

    Sailor Moon... woke up at 4am to watch it on public tv. Or it was Digimon not sure which I ended up watching first but I think more Sailor Moon because it's older and I remember when Digimon started.
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    Multiple Settings Neko's Rp Search (Original and Fandom lists)

    Fight rps fall under combat which I'm not good at and have no experience doing or writing.