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    Fandom  Ultimate Spider-Man/X-Men Evolution descriptive rp, 1x1, OC x CC, Doubling Up!

    Hello! I’m Katya/Boomerang, and I go by she/her pronouns and am currently 21 years old! My rules are simple for role playing, and only have a few specific guidelines, that I will list here, as well as fandoms! • I only double up, do OC x Canon, and descriptive! My line count is usually around...
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    Fandom Fandom Interest check, 1x1, OC x CC, Doubling up, Descriptive!!!

    Just a heads up, I don’t do originals, unless it’s a non-fandom related original rp, so as far as Halo goes I like to do rps based on games or legends, nothing else, sorry.