first off: i don't remember when i started talking without caps, but rest assured, roleplay will be fully literate and proper :)
with that outta the way, hello! my name's jack, i am a strange little trans man and i look like a chonky worm.
i've been roleplaying since i was nine or ten and i'm sixteen now.
i mainly do oc rp but i'm open to pretty much anything!
i hope that you're cool with having roleplay scenes drawn because i like drawing things;;
i'm in too many fandoms to count, so if you want to roleplay a certain fandom, don't hesitate to ask me.
i'm not sure what else to put here so here's an example of one of my roleplay responses:

Meanwhile, across the city, two people are on the roof of a tall building. One is a woman with black hair tied back in a messy ponytail, leaning against the railing of the roof. She stares down at the city with a forlorn expression. Next to her is an unusually unhappy man with a small, almost grim smile on his lips. Due to the sheer amount that the man had smiled before the apocalypse, his lips rest with the corners upturned slightly. He is shuffling a deck of cards on the railing. Their weapons are lying near their feet. They both have a fair share of minor wounds, most bandaged.
After several minutes of silence, the man pipes up, "I'm sure he's doing fine."

The woman doesn't look over, still gazing over the railing, "Yeah, he's pretty tough." A few more moments pass and she finally meets the man's gaze. She's watched him deteriorate since the apocalypse started. Fewer jokes. The silence of the night ever so slightly disturbed by his shuddering breaths as he tried to keep his weeping silent. The grim expression he wore now. "I'm sure they're okay too." Her voice is heartfelt, "You're folks, I mean." The man looks away from her gaze after several moments, lips going into a thin line, corners ever so slightly upturned. His eyes squint in the slightest, trying to maintain his composure, "Yeah." His eyes scan the city below, "Yeah I'm sure they're fine." The expressions betray his thoughts. The woman looks back over the city, and there they sit in comfortable silence.
Sep 7, 2003 (Age: 16)