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  • Taking a break for a while
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    I'm back! I will be on during the week and no longer on the weekends. That's my free time lol. Now enjoy this FAB gif. I will never type FAB again

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    Pride Month is tomorrow! I'm so excited to express my love for everyone. The Kings & Queens & Our Non-conforming honeys! I love you guys so much! I will be taking a break just for my mental health. I don't have a time when I might come back. But I will be sure when I return to rekindle roleplays that I left on read. Have a great day & a safe Pride Month.
    I wish you nothing but love! Stay Positive <3

    -Daniel Kai
    Just recovered from a cold! Replying to all conversations I left on read as fast as I can! <3
    Stay Safe & I love y'all!

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