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    Fandom looking for partners again whoops

    You down for klance? If not, im game for shatt, lance x romelle, pidge x romelle and yeah. I do a pretty dang good lance, a good pidge, and can do shiro or matt.
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    Fandom Roleplay partner! (1x1) Long term

    Game for klance? I have a few ideas if you want
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    Fandom I have a list!! So many fandoms..

    Sent it
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    Fandom I have a list!! So many fandoms..

    O Odd. Mind giving me yours?
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    Fandom I have a list!! So many fandoms..

    Go for it. Lydrv #8888
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    Fandom I have a list!! So many fandoms..

    I'd be down for some klance
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    Fandom looking for rp partner!

    Hey! I see you want voltron and your username is black paladin. I've been craving some shatt actually. I can actually do Shiro or Matt. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, we can discuss other shit. I can do quite a few characters, but it's a preference of mine to not have any Shiro x other...
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    Fandom Looking for a Voltron RP

    Thank you! But no, I'm sorry. Sheith sorta makes me a bit uncomfy. Good luck, though!
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    Fandom Klance anyone?

    Hey there! You're in luck, I mainly do lance. I have a few fun and more serious ideas if you're still lookin!
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    Fandom Looking for Voltron!

    Anyways. Yeah. Pm me, I'm still meeting message count rip
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    Fandom Looking for Voltron!

    Hey! I see you want klance. I have a few goofy ideas if you'd like! I'm stronger with Lance but am getting better with Keith
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    Digital Just Posting

    Awesome work on the shading!! The colors are all sort of at the same level of richness and stuff? Changing that could make them feel a little stronger
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    Fandom Animes!

    I can do Lance, Keith, Matt, Pidge, and for special kiddos, Shiro. Any ships?
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    Fandom Animes!

    Yeah! I am! Who can you do?
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    Fandom Animes!

    I'm very new and cant pm yet, my apologies, but I'm up for Voltron