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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    A smirk grew over Kalina's face as the man before cracked and shied away. To her mind, her points had prevailed, reguardless of his words. She stopped listening to him when she saw his nerve slip. She even uttered a chuckle, breaking up his final words. "Such is a Drevi." she said with a shaking...
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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    "All history is subject to scrutiny. To fear judging such a thing, is to fear change itself. Where would warfare or society be without such scrutiny?" She shot back, ignoring his gestures. Kalina listened to his recount of a tale, and scoffed openly at his last interjection, "The wants of...
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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    "Tyranny and uprising" Kalina scoffed after Malah's reasoning's, "Soldiers put an end to such things in one form or another. A land without such protectors would very well have such Tyranny and Uprisings." Kalina shook her head, "A good place for campaign indeed." she remarked to herself, before...
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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    "What a practice." fell from Kalina's lips, before a light torrent followed, "I fear this is the trappings of such Metropolicia. They grow so ill of warfare that they become its easiest victims." She giggled and shook her head in astonishment, "A hundred lashings...We have not left the mainland...
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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    Maria went for a chair the moment it was offered to her, pulling it back swiftly before waiting for her lady lord to sit. The pair of them blinking as their benefactor claimed he was "blessed by the gods" but both denoted it as southern fluffery. Sure in passing that was fine, wishing the...
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    Fantasy The Bronze tail of Oonai

    Early morning Two days before their meeting Three days before their expedition's launch A small carriage, rolling down the distant forest hills, quietly mulled through the morning dew. Flanked by two horsemen, and lead by a team of oxen, it went along, the sound of its wheel drowned out by the...
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    Multiple Settings .

    Evenin' Sunflower, i'm Barca, or bird if you want to get cozy with it. He/Him. My particulars are in my bio, but the real important bits are as follows: I am not too keen on aesthetics. -I don't know my codes, and beyond a font change here or a size shift there, my writings are pretty bare...
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    Fantasy  Combined Interests

    An object falls from the heavens. It can't be moved, it can't be broken, and it lays within one of the most hostile environments known to- well anything. A court mage, in the elvish kingdom, is ready to drop everything and head for this strange thing, like a moth to flame. But the ruler of...
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    Multiple Settings Fem LF F/M or F/F 18+

    I'd love to come up with a fantasy/supernatural rp with ya' ~ pm if you're still looking for new rps! (Check my bio if you want more info before you step in-)