I'm a Man (Bi/Pan)
20 years young
I wear a cowboy hat
I generally
reply multiple times a day if I am interested in the rp
Reply lengths vary but if all is right they are generally
over 3 paragraphs and have no limit.
I have too much free time


I have standards, I have expectations, and I have some pet peeves.
  • Please no less than two paragraphs. (Personal preference. I understand there are lulls in rps and times when there isn't much to say. But I expect that to be picked up with further plot/character/sideshow. If you are having issues, lets talk and fix it.)
  • I am not your Huckleberry (I will not play a role just to make you cream your pants. I will not play a None OC character. I will not play an overpowered character just for yours to gawk at. I need either complexity or something that is compelling.)
  • Please, Do Not set your shit on my backdoor. (The world is tough, and we all go through problems. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, they can have lasting effects on us. But Jesus H Christ in a biplane going down over fucking Kansas, If I hear one more "I've been thinking about killing myself" out of the blue, I will willingly walk over the DMZ in Korea. I am here to RP, make friends, and create fun stories. But I will not tolerate wallowing in sadness in my dms. I am a generally happy and goofy kind of guy, and I do not mesh well, at all, with the "I'm so broken, come fix me" type of people)
  • Please respond bi-daily or more frequently (I understand people have schedules, life, work and everything else in-between. Believe me, I understand it. This is 100% a matter of preference, and is not ment to cast shade on the busy people in this community. BUT I lose steam quickly when I stop thinking about the rp. And considering my attention span is akin to a goldfish, two days is about the time when that memory and enthusiasm begins to run. Of course, this is "on average" everyone has vacations and events that pull them away, and that's accounted for. This is just the everyday rule.)


I am a Texan, I love history, games, memes, and stories. I go far out of my way, in all of those categories to find larger than life characters and events because that is my passion. and I am lookin' for a friend to make these stories with. To get better at all of this along side someone, not pull or be pulled.

I wear many hats, and am one of the more blunter guys you will find. If I am disinterested, I will tell you, If you are disinterested, I expect you to tell me. If I have problems, I'll spit em out, and I expect the same.

and finally; Just because I have standards does not mean I look down on anyone, and just because I prefer to be around certain people doesn't mean I sneer my nose at others. And it certainly doesn't mean my writing is any good~

On byl khoroshim Stalkerom. I vy tozhe.

P.S. I know I am very articulate and well spoken, but I do have an accent. Viva La Texas I suppose
Jan 7, 1999 (Age: 21)
full-time estate manager, part time college student