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I am b063.

I am a Minecraft modding enthusiast, an air vibration enjoyer, and a pixel artist. I also use a lot of Piskel and Kisekae.

I am pan and go by she/they pronouns.

I have autism, ADHD, and asthma - but they all are quite common (in my opinion) so I shouldn't really talk about them here, should I?

Currently working on a piece called Creosote Dreams, a Minecraft fanfiction with heavy emphasis on giving Modded Minecraft extra lore.
Jun 26, 2002 (Age: 19)


These open doors are bound to close - I'll sleep my life away
But in my tower of dreams at least I know - That I won't have to stay
The walls I lay my back against - Might always feel the same
But from my tower of dreams the things I see - Are different every day, every day