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  • I made a comic featuring two characters from Shoto and I.
    My handwriting isn't the best. It's about Dan mentioning something about a Bible Verse, while Shoto is a demon and tries to kill him.
    Villain Shoto Todoroki Villain Shoto Todoroki click norris click norris
    For some reason I can't just upload my files for the pictures. So I had to post them on one rp and use the links to post them here. Wait alittle till one picture comes up. Repeat. Sorry.
    Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood Necro Gunslinger.
    As a man of old country,rock, and pop songs, I will be sharing songs from a long time ago.
    Should I do this more? Lemme know!

    Theme: Life Lessons
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    Johny cash is the man! And that is the funniest song ever!
    That's a good song by Kenny!
    RIP Kenny and Johny! T_T

    and yes, post more songs.
    I can't be awake like this any longer.
    Typing at 3:00. yikes.

    But, here's the thing I've been thinking:
    The brain is so smart it named itself.
    My favorite is: Humans are just brains inside meat mechs.
    I Just can't sleep.
    As always, I'm thinking about you.
    I love you more than anything on this world.
    When I'm with you, I savor it, but your gone too fast.

    I just can't sleep, so now I'm going to get you, Double Quarter Pounder.

    --Love Aychearro
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    I'm reading this like: Aww... Message to your Boyfriend/girlfriend and then I read I just can't sleep, so now I'm going to get you, Double Quarter Pounder. And I couldn't stop laughing for 2 minutes.
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