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    Fantasy The Monster mash

    Alrighty and where would you like me to send you these monsters I make??
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    Fantasy The Monster mash

    What spots are still open?? I'm interested in being a monster or sorts
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    Fantasy The Monster mash

    Is this still open?? If so I'd be down to join!
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    Multiple Settings Commence The Hunt [ALWAYS OPEN]

    Hey, I think I'd be down for a demon x Angel RP
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    Multiple Settings Looking for RP partners...

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    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP partners...

    Hi! So I'm recently new here and I'm doing the obvious I guess... looking for someone to to RP with. I prefer if you're LGBTQ+ Friendly although it's not a requirement. I play male and females. I do MxM MxF FxM and FxF although I do prefer to play males. I'm not as literate as I'd like to be...
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    Multiple Settings Looking for partners (Always Open)

    Hi... uh I think this is how this works..? Apologies if I'm doing something wrong here I'm still getting used to this website. I think we'd make good partners. I'm into pretty much everything you've listed although I do favour some over the others. Sooo if you wanna chat about it hit me up I...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    uhh.. hi? So I've been roleplaying since I was like...7 or so..? I'm never as literate as I'd like to be but I can normally get a few paragraphs out if writers block isn't eating away at me. I like most topics as long as it's interesting, although I do have favourites including... mythical...