He/They pronouns, please!

My name is Archie. I'm not a veteran to this site per se, but I have been on this site before during my most...embarrassing years. Let's hope nobody ever has to live through that again. Here I am again, though, more mentally stable and (hopefully) more mature than I used to be.

A few things about me if we're going to be RP partners:

  • I only do 1v1 roles. I am extremely bad at handling group role-plays, think of this as a favor to YOU for not having to deal with my incompetence in a group setting.
  • I only want to role-play with people my age or older.
  • I will only role-play with literate partners (i.e. folks who like to respond with paragraphs of detail).
  • I am very inconsistent with my log-on schedule, mostly due to my work schedule and family stuff. If I'm inactive for days, I promise I am not ignoring you, I'm just extremely busy. That, or my mental state is bad and I can't bring myself to focus on anything.
  • I am notoriously awful at coming up for plots for roles. If you have a plot, always ALWAYS feel free to pitch it to me. Likelihood is, I'll love it.
  • I'm open to most types of roles; fandom (depending on the fandom) or original. I'm very into fantasy/medieval settings as far as original roles. If you're curious about my fandoms, feel free to ask me! I'll also list some fandoms I'm in below.
    • !!BIG DISCLAIMER!! I never got into anime. My pride from my "anime is garbage" phase holds me back from watching any of them. Besides Beastars. I love Beastars.
    • I love Star Wars, especially The Clone Wars.
    • Avengers/Marvel content is cool with me, but I am especially obsessed with Loki.
    • I'm a fan of the animated Justice League/Batman series from the 90's/early 2000's.
    • A bit obscure, but X-Men Evolution is also on the table. I'm not quite as big a fan as I used to be (those were some nightmarish times...if you ever need proof that god is not real, I give you my X-Men phase), but I still enjoy nostalgia from time to time.
    • Doctor Who is a good one for me, too. I have not seen the newest seasons unfortunately, so 10-12 are the only Doctors I'm really familiar with.
    • Stranger Things I'd consider, but I'd only be comfortable role-playing as the older characters (i.e. Steve, Robin, Nancy, etc.)
    • As I mentioned before, I love Beastars. I would definitely consider doing a role-play for Beastars.
    • Lord of the Rings is one of my favorites, I wouldn't mind doing that.

  • There's probably more fandom stuff, but I can't remember it all. Just ask me, and I'll have an answer.
May 13, 2003 (Age: 19)
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