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    Suggestion gender

    I get where you are coming from, though I think the binary selection is a feature of the software. One option might be to put preferred pronouns under "about" section, or in your signature.
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Yuri Returning his attention to his breakfast, Yuri grabbed a ladle to spoon out the crepe batter, using his free hand to tilt the pan. There was a satisfying sizzling as it began to cook, and Yuri kept his gaze focused on what he was doing as he listened to the others talk. He was not entirely...
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    Digital Art! Art! Art!

    Very cute!
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    Fandom 🐞Miraculous ladybug group AU roleplay 🐞

    "Proceed as you wish," Hawk Moth replied curtly, considering his ally's words. "This fight is just beginning." He closed the communicator and refocused his attention on Siren and the chaos which surrounded her. He smirked as he watched the disorganized formation of the heroes, considering how...
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    Experiences Whats making you angry today? Rp pet peeves

    Yeah things can get ridiculous if the setting calls for it. Overall it's a matter of what the GM thinks is compatible, I think. After all, you get sci fi rps that are completely wild regarding what tech most people have available to them. But other times you can have a modern rp where characters...
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    Viewpoint Unpopular roleplay opinions?

    In an ideal world, everyone would make detailed character sheets and I wouldn't have to haha. I enjoy reading about other people's characters, but at the same time I like to keep aspects of my characters secret until some part of their backstory becomes relevant. Though I definitely agree with...
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    Answered Whats the purpose of a Lore?

    Lore essentially is background information on the rp that is needed or useful to know in order to play. It's completely up to you if you think that type of information is needed in your rp, or if players can get by without it. For simpler stories, one spent generally need to write up lore.
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    Fandom 🐞Miraculous ladybug group AU roleplay 🐞

    Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He preferred not to split his attention, but nevertheless brought himself to answer. "I see. So this brewing of negative emotions is your handiwork. It did seem strangely targeted," he remarked, shaking his head. "Nevertheless, I will be...
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Flynn Riegel Seeing how flustered Kai became at the mere hint of Marisol, even the typically oblivious Flynn noticed that his friend was feeling worked up. Even though Kai appeared to want to hide his reaction with a joke, and to shift the conversation, Flynn at least knew Kai well enough to...
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Yuri As the two girls hugged, Yuri found himself smiling somewhat. It was nice to see how well they got along, and a bit of a relief to know that they would be able to look out for each other during the event. Though things had been relatively peaceful in Yuri's short time at Crystal Cove, he...
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    Welcome to the staff team! :D

    Welcome to the staff team! :D
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Yuri Listening to Koizuru's explanation, Yuri's attention seemed piqued by the mention of how many people there would be. He tilted his head as she spoke about the sightseers who would be coming for the event, processing something internally for a moment before returning his attention to the...
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    Fandom 🐞Miraculous ladybug group AU roleplay 🐞

    Hawkmoth watched through the eyes of Siren, his hand wrapping around the top of his cane tightly as he observed the situation. It seemed that there were many more additional miraculous holders, all of whom had managed to arrive before his two main targets, Ladybug and Chat Noir. This struck him...
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Yuri Yuri smirked as Vivian was quick to retort, pleased that there was someone in the group who would readily engage in a bit of teasing banter. Koizuru was quick on the uptake as well, albeit a bit more physical in her playfulness. She had a remarkable amount of energy for someone with such a...
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    Fantasy Crystal Cove

    Flynn Riegel Flynn found himself somewhat surprised by the rush that followed his arrival, a bit stunned but finding himself relaxing as Kai wheeled up in his chair, happy to see his friend getting into the spirit of things. He still wasn't entirely used to the height difference that came with...