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    Fandom  M RP Partner Search (F x M)

    I'm Amaya. Welcome to my General Craving Thread. So, this girl ﹝I mean me 😁﹞ is searching for a roleplay partner, as everyone else is doing, I’m assuming. I'll roleplay through PM or thread. Response length is not something I'm strict about as long as an effort is put in. When it comes to style...
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    Fandom  FxM RP

    Hello, and thank you for taking your time to read my roleplay request. It is a very odd idea I had for years but these days I ended up wanting to roleplay it.
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hey, my name is Amaya. My experience with roleplay has been great. At least from my part, I like roleplaying. (Not sure if roleplaying likes me back) I have been roleplaying for a long time, but let's say for a few years. Now the interests that I have within roleplay fandoms, fantasy, and...