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  • Gonna be less active from this time onward because of school, I'm sure everyone knows and understands that by now.
    Update on rps: All non-Soul Eater rps will still be paused, sorry for the wait. I tend to get hyperfocused on one fandom, but I will return eventually. I'm currently looking for new Soul Eater rp partners
    Well, as those B1 Battle Droids say in Star Wars:

    "Roger Roger."
    What's with the sudden flood of people from tumblr? I never used the platform so idk what happened but it must've been bad lol
    Update: My apologies to anyone currently in a rp with me. I have no motivation to write anything other than Soul Eater at the moment, so my Soul Eater rps will continue but I'll have to PAUSE all others. I apologize if it seems like I ghosted you or abandoned the rp, I'm using the rps as a coping method for my depression and I don't want to force myself to write.
    To anyone who's currently in a rp with me; I'm sorry if my reply speed slows down or even stops completely. I've hit a bit of a writer's block and I'll try to continue our stories as soon as I have some motivation. (There are some exceptions to this, as I'm currently focusing on one rp on this site.)
    My best friend irl now refuses to talk to me until past noon because I'll literally never stop texting her and asking to rp xD
    That's what you get when you befriend a clingy af fangirl
    People be asking me what's my career gonna be... What career? I'm a professional fangirl, obviously.
    Oh yeah I'm also taking classes in programming and animation but who cares about that, I'm really just a fangirl whose high intelligence is wasted on obsessing over fictional characters
    I woke up at 3 AM to rp with my partners in different time zones
    And none of my partners are online.
    You'd think with so many people on this site it'd be pretty quick to start a rp. Nope..
    That's a mood.
    *Waits all day for person to reply*
    *person doesn't reply*
    *Posts new rp interest check*
    *Nobody responds*
    *Goes to other rp site*
    *Nobody responds there either*
    *Friends are offline*
    After posting both a 1x1 and group interest check, I hope I'll come back tomorrow to some inquiries for a rp. ^.^
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