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Hello and welcome to RpNation!
Here is where you can make an introduction post and let us know a little about you, while reading the intros of other people like yourself, and maybe making a new friend!

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  • What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
  • What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
  • Why you decided to join RpNation.
  • Write about your pet (if you have one).
  • Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.

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Heya! I'm Lauren. I'm new here, and I used to roleplay a while ago in my teens, and I felt like rekindling some creativity. The fandom I am looking to primarily roleplay is definitely Star Wars, and maybe a high fantasy DnD type setting. I way prefer third-person and I like detailed roleplays.
Hey RPnation, I'm new to the site and rp in general but I want a new creative outlet so here I am! Mostly interested in OC stuff but also select fandoms. Looking forward to getting started ^_^
wow hi, i'm new here but uhh!
i'm yuu :3 i've been rping for a good while (like 5ish years)
i'm really just wanting to jump back in though because a lot of my rping has been on and off the last two years and i really miss it </3
i don't know how active i can be on here because gotta learn the how system but! my discord is yuubie#6603 if anyone wants to reach out and talk there but yeah!
Hullo hullo! It's nice to meet you all, my name is Chroma (They/Them), I'm 20 years old at the moment, and I've been roleplaying for quite a few years now. ^.^

I started when I was pretty young, exchanging messages back and forth with my sister on our lil flip phones. After that I graduated to my first proper forum, the good ol' Warrior Cats RP site. It's a bit embarrassing to look back on in retrospect, but it did teach me a lot of the fundamentals, and it made me very appreciative of the craft! I've been roleplaying on and off since then, sometimes over discord, sometimes in other forums, but this will be my first time roleplaying here, and i'm excited to meet you all! I'll probably put up an interest check sometime in the near future, and I hope we can start one or a few more stories together. I tend to play softer, less dominant men, though sometimes I play women too! All depends on what I crave at that moment and all.

I work nights, and have a pretty sporadic schedule, but I'll try to post at least a few times a week. Of course, I'd love it if we could be friends outside of the RP too, it's always lovely to meet new people. But I've rambled enough for one intro perhaps.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you're having a wonderful day!
I'm tamy, new to this side but not to rp in general, doing it for years now but very on and off and most of the time all my active rp's eventually went poof and I really wanna find some people again :D
My first language is German, so I am not entirely sure how well I will be able to write but I think my english knowledge should be defenetly enough for something that won't hurt your eyes haha but maybe there are some German fellas as well ^^
I mainly rp out of fandoms, hard to list them because it can be a lot, but sometimes something else too, not really set to a genre
Other than rp I usually cosplay or play league of legends, genshin, nier automata and some other games but mainly league
So yeah, glad to be here, hoping for the beat
Hello, I been rping in tumblr and discord and some other sites anyway I love once upon a time and I like to rp with them my favorite ships are the following;


Snow and charming


Rumple and Belle.

I do have certain headcanons for the family I tend to treat Regina and Snow like mother daughter relationship and with Emma Regina is grandmotherly I have Emma refer to Regina as grandma or nana. but that beside the point I do tend to switch things around if my rp partner is not up to it. I love superheroes the ones don't kill adn the ones that fight for justice am willing to do just about any type of rp but I would like to plan them first and as for other stuff I enjoy crossovers too/ just let me know and we can plot togther and thank you for taking the time to read this.
Yo, Im Kanin4mem. Im brand new to this site so it would be appreciated if anyone could show me the ropes. Other than that Im also looking for a rp partner. I roleplay multiple animes like DxD, Fate Series and Naruto but I specialize in anime game rps like Honkai 3rd, Genshin Impact, Star Rail, and Persona Series just to name a few.
Hello sweeties,
I use to role-play constantly but sadly haven't for the last few years. I found myself missing it and so here I am, a bit rusty but not entirely out of practice since I tend to write short stories on and off. Once I have more time I will be updating my profile with all the needed information

a few things that you should know
I am a female that's closer to 35 years old [so I would prefer a partner that's at least 18+ [but preferably 21+]
I tend to only do 1x1's with partners playing male roles [occasional doubling]
I like a large number of fandoms that I am willing to play with
I also love original plots as well [hell even crossovers can be a lot of fun]
Romance is something that I generally like to see in the story, but only when there has been proper build for it [no insta-love nonsense ]
I'll have a full and proper list of everything I'm interested in up on my profile, but for now a couple of things that have been in my head driving me nuts are

[I like to play Oc's]
[the first three are currently ones that are craved for the most]

: *. Kink List .* :

Arcane: League of Legends:
-OC x Silco
-Viktor x OC

Phantom of the Opera:
-Erik Destler x OC

Hazbin Hotel:
-Alastor x OC

Ikemen Vampire:
-Comte de Saint-Germain x OC

-Black Hat x OC

Ikemen Sengoku:
-Kenshin Uesugi x OC
-Ieyasu Tokugawa x OC
-Motonari Mouri x OC

Shall We Date?: Obey Me!:
-Leviathan x OC
-Lucifer x OC
-Diavolo x OC
-Barbatos x OC
-Satan x OC
Howdy folks,

As far as I am concerned, I'll simply post stuff already listed under my profile to keep it simple.
Real life related:
- 40+ yo with ~25+ years of RP using IRC, PBEM, tabletop (mostly AD&D and GURPS, though I've used other systems as well) and as of recently, Discord.
- Tech and IT are my bread and butter and I architect telecom environments from ground up...
- Married, have kids, so only interested in game/entertainment related stuff and relationships.
- I take my commitments seriously and expect the same in return.
- Adhering to a very strict schedule allows me to better manage my time and ensure that I can post regularly - so I won't leave you hanging.
- Several people have told me they love my 'razor sharp' humor - not sure what to make of it, but there you go.

Gaming related:
- Mostly available after 20:00 UTC
- Have my own sci fi and fantasy worlds that have been developed over the years, though they are somewhat grimdark and might not be a good fit for everyone - but you are welcome to try your luck.
- Prefer regular, long, multi-paragraph posts that take place once/day or once/two days.
- Prefer literate games - fantasy or sci-fi.
- Prefer low magic settings without 'deus ex machina' solutions to problems.
- Prefer no min/maxed or god moded characters.
- Prefer settings which do not allow playable supernatural creatures, furries, dragons, vampires, werewolves, etc.
- Prefer character development over fancy creatures and species with an excessive number of special abilities, invulnerabilities and other similar kink...

The main reason I am here today is that I am looking for a 'compatible' player to do some co-writing/adventuring together.

Guess that should do for now.

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